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Commercial Property for Rent in Bayammathota, Mahabub Nagar

great opportunity to boost up your startup or business and make fortunes in Mahabub Nagar, Telangana as because there is a very feasible Commercial Property for Rent is available in Bayammathota, Rajendra Nagar in the bustling and busy commercial hub of the city.

This Commercial Building offering 9000 sq.ft. sprwaling space can be proved as a great profit spinning destination for your business.

The exact address of this Commercial Property is given below;

Setti Complex, Bayammathota, Rajendra Nagar, Mahbub Nagar, Telangana

You should feel free to contact the owner Mr. Bala Raju on his mobile number 6302619763/9642385539.

You can send Raju Sir a message on whatsapp by clicking anywhere on the line below for starting your negotiations.

Let's have a look at some of the images of this Commercial Space for Rent in Bayammathota, Rajendra Nagar, Mahbub Nagar!

Prospects for your business offered by this Commercial Building for Rent in Setti Complex, Bayammathota, Mehbub Nagar

Located in the Commercial hub of the city.

Best for the hospitals, banks, medical agencies and showrooms.

Affordable rent.

The lease/rent rate is Rs 35 per sq.ft.

9000 sq.ft. space available.

Other business ventures may also apply.

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