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Farm House for Sale in Khejda Gaon, Jamuniya Road, Bhopal Vidisha Highway, Bhopal


OWNER Mobile 78986 84025

Mr. Praveen Singh

PR Bamboo Farm House Address : Khejda Gaon, Jamuniya Road, on Bhopal Vidisha Highway

Office Address: Puskar-185, Aakriti Aqua City, Chaan, Near Maksi Gaon,11 mile, Bhopal, M.P. – 462047

Contact Number: +91 7898684025 (WhatsApp),

We recommend that you should drop a message on whatsapp by clicking anywhere on the line below to the owner.

Our Farm is surrounded by hills, dams and breathtaking landscapes, there are few factories on top of the hills & Halali dam is very near to our farm land


New Property

➢ Possession- Immediate, Ownership- Freehold

➢ Title- Farm Land, Land Area- 5000 sq. feet

➢ Cottage construction area - 300 sq. feet

➢ Entrance Gated, boundary, Lawn, plantations, 24×7 Security Staff

➢ Electricity, and boar water supply

➢ Very easy access from Bhopal Vidisha Hwy (location is exactly 5 km from highway)

➢ Our farm having pollution free Air, Natural water, Peaceful Atmosphere & Very cool climate

➢ Our farm is fully covered by newly planted trees

Farm Specification:

➢ PR Bamboo Farm is planned totally in 2 acers area, which will have 12 farm houses

➢ Each farm having individual approach roads

➢ Each farm having individual power & water supply

➢ Free of cost maintenance for initial 2 years

➢ Distance from Jamuniya village – 1 km (where you can get grocery, vegetables, medical and daily use items)

➢ Distance from Bhopal main station – 30 km

➢ Distance from Habibganj Station– 36 km

➢ Distance from Sukhi Sewaniya – 16 km

➢ Distance from Sanchi stoop – 28 km

➢ Distance from Halali Dam – 2 km

➢ Distance from Minal Residency & Bhanpur – 27 km

➢ Distance from Govindpura Industrial Area – 33 km


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