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Fully Furnished Villa for Rent in Panvel, Navi Mumbai

An independent, standalone and fully furnished Villa is waiting for your occupancy in Panvel, Navi Mumbai for taking care of your comforts, luxury and above all "Royal Standards of Living".

Check out the sparkling amenities and features of this luxurious Villa to ensure whether it matches your requirements or not!

  • Meticulously and Lavishly Furnished Villa.

  • Wide and airy 3 Bedrooms.

  • 2 Spacious Halls to provide you the extra space.

  • 1 Modular Kitchen with Cupboards.

  • Wardrobes in all the Rooms.

  • 4 Western Style Bathrooms (toilets), 3 in Villa and 1 in Lawn.

  • 24*7 Water and Power Supply.

  • Apart from these dazzling amenities, this villa also offers you a private lawn.

  • 1 Praying Area dedicated space separately made.

  • Everything is furnished no new furniture has to be bought in ideally.

  • Private Lawn along with sitting area and washroom attached.

  • And socities common watchman are available as well.

  • Every nook and corner of the villa including the lawn us under the watchful eyes of CCTV cameras.

Now, let's get inside this beautiful and Royal Villa and have a close look below!

Mr. Saj Deshmukh is the owner of this Royal Villa and he can be contacted on his mobile number 9321541871

You can send him a message on whatsapp by clicking anywhere on the line below.



Consider the posh location of Panvel in Navi Mumbai and the marvellous amenities, the rent is reasonable, it is only Rs 65K.

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