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Property for sale in Lucknow, UP, India

Searches for a reliable platform where you can trust for buying your property in Lucknow is now over because now there is Aarushi Realties to provide you complete real estate services in Lucknow.

Facilities offered by Aarushi Realties

Aarushi Realties offer you a complete galaxy of choices for buying flats, apartments, bungalows and plots at any location in Lucknow at a really competitive prices.

You can inquire and compare the prices of property offered by this company with other real estate companies of Lucknow.

Why should you buy property in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh?

Lucknow is not only the capital of Uttar Pradesh but also it is the largest city in UP. It is now the 12th greatest metropolis of India. Lucknow has sound educational, medical, corporate and commercial bases . The historical city has a great infrastructure of Roads, electricity, cleanliness, water supply and above all, law and order. So, you can settle down and lead a life of peace and prosperity in Lucknow.

Contact information of the CEO of Aarushi Realties, Lucknow

Mr. Abhishek Bhadoria is the CEO of this great company. Feel free to contact him to get counselling and other advices for buying property in Lucknow.

His contact information is 9804567833

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