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Sandal Valley for Sale in Kotthuru Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

A Sandal Valley (100 sq.yards.bits, total area 30acres). is available for Sale in Kotthuru, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh having the dimensions of 100 sq.yards.

Check out the Features and Future Prosepects of this profit yielding farm below.

  • Plantation has been done in 100 sq. yard bits. In which 10 sri gandham(white sandal) have been planted.

  • The output of the plants is 12 to 15 yrs agreement. On which the benefits shared between 2 parties in 50:50 ratio.

Contact Mr. Siva on his mobile number 8919543885.

For better conversations and negotiations, send a message to Siva Sir on whatsapp by clicking anywhere on the line below!

Other Notable Attributes;

Salient features.....

  • 1. Mainly for middle class families for long term investment.

  • 2. Maintenance everything of the site and plants growth is done by us.

  • 3. As of now cost of sandal wood as per govt is Rs. 20000 to 25000

  • 4. So per 100 sq.yard, 10 plants are planted.

  • For example, on an average, expect each plant weighs 40 kg. Each plant yield benefit Rs.8,00,000..

  • So total 10 plants Rs.80,00,000, there are expectations for a good yield.

  • This is shared in 50:50 ratio.

  • Registration is done for 100 sq.yard site.

  • A legal bond is given for maintenace and benefit share of the sandal plants.

  • Maintenance everything done by the seller and he has talked to the local farmers and set up all things.

Other Terms and Conditions;

  • For sale only, 100 sq.yards will be get registered as per norms.

  • But sandal plants yield benefits will be 12 to 15 yrs period.

  • To get full yield, it take that time.

  • So for this a legal certificate issued. Share 50:50 after selling the plants.

  • Permission has also taken from govt to plant these trees.

Let's have a tour of the Sandal Valley!



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