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Duplex Bungalow for Rent near Elgin Road, adjacent to the Forum Courtyard Mall, Kolkata

Though the Victoria Memorial is the most Royal Bungalow of Kolkata, but it never means that there is no way out.

There are many splendid, out of the world bungalows in Kolkata that offers larger than life standards of living and invite only blue blooded aristocratic or corporate people.

Today, we are promoting a magnificent, meticulously and state of the art ultra Royal Duplex Bungalow for Rent in the city of Joy at the following exact address;

Elgin Road, adjacent to the Forum Courtyard Mall, besides Eastern Honda Showroom, Kolkata.

The dazzling amenities and luxuries of this 5000 sq.ft. royal palace have been explained in the subsequent paragraph.

Mr. Swarnava Roy is the owner of this majestic property and he can be contacted on his mobile number 9830067144.

It is highly recommended that you should ping Swarnava Sir a message on whatsapp by clicking anywhere on the line below!

Now, let's steal some of the wonderful images of this majestic palace!

Above are the images of Outer Area and the sorroundings. Now let's delve inside!

Hall Patio

Above are the images of the Bedrooms, Halls, Bathrooms and Kitchen!

Why is this 5 BHK Duplex a Royal and Majestic Palace?

Read all the salient features of this property below carefully and judge yourself whether we are boasting or acquainting you with the realities that matches your standards!

  • This is a massive 5,000 square feet (super built) property.

  • It is a duplex bungalow situated adjacent to the Forum Courtyard mall (backside), Eastern Honda showroom property, near Elgin Road.

  • The Bungalow is located on 20 O.C. Ganguli Sarani (former Lee road, near Elgin Road).

  • The duplex bungalow has 5 bedrooms and attached bathrooms. There is modular kitchen and attached servant's quarter with toilet.

  • The duplex bungalow also has an outside sitting area. Duplex bungalow is within a gated community.

  • There is 24 hour security, water supply, gymnasium, community hall and 24 hours house staff available. The property also has manager appointed to take care of any daily issues.


It is 160K including maintenance.

Quarterly maintenance is included in the rent which is paid by the landlord.

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