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Flats for Sale in Pragathi Nagar Rd, Kakatiya Hills, ALEAP Industrial Area, Pragathi Nagar Hyderabad


CONTACT Mobile 9362919999

Mr. Pradeep Reddy


A galaxy of 32 sparking ready to move flats are available for sale in Pragathi Nagar, Hyderabad. It involves zero Brokerage, so please take this promotion very seriously!

All the information regarding the flats have been explained in the upcoming paragraph below.

We recommend that you should drop a message on whatsapp by clicking anywhere on the line below to Pradeep Reddy Sir!

Now, let's have a bird's eye view of these flats!

Salient Features and Amenities offered by these flats for sale in Pragathi Nagar, Hyderabad

  • Space’s Eternal

  • As apartment with 32 flats which are ready occupy in ALEAP - Pragathi nagar.

  • We offer a very competitive price in that area, and all the flats are fully ventilated with private balconies and no two apartments share a common wall.

  • Number of Bedrooms: 2

  • Number of Bathrooms: 2

  • Number of Balconies: 1 and 1 wash area

  • Dimensions: 950 to 1050

  • Modular Kitchen: Based on customer’s choice

  • Covered Parking: Yes, individual car parking available for each flat owner

  • Nearest infrastructure and landmark: ALEAP Pragathi Nagar.

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