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How to rent my flat in Bangalore

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

How can I rent my flat in Bangalore

Renting your flat without paying any Brokerage and within the cheapest price, you should list your flat at HOUSING BHARAT COM.

As soon as you visit the home page of the website, there will be a lot of Whatsapp buttons given many times at the website. Now, you should click on any of these button and send the website team the photos, address and rent range of your flat via Whatsapp. Your listing ad will be created.

Why should I list my flat on Housing Bharat ?

Housingbharat com is an eminent and renowned property listing website and it receives a lot of traffic from Bangalore. Besides, this website offers you a bunch of cutting edge outstanding services; Let us enumerate some of the prominent among these;

1. A separate Listing page will be devoted only for your listing , and on this listing page, there will be ten or fifteen photos of your flat. There will be not other listings of the flats of other people on your listing. Hence, it will prevent the renters from switching to the property listing of the others.

2. Housingbharat com owns a Telegram channel which has a large number of the targeted renters who are eagerly searching flats at rent in Bangalore. Hence, as soon as your listing is shared into this Telegram channel, all the renters who have

joined the channel will be sent a notification about your property by Telegram bot.

3. Your phone number and your Whatspp hyperlink Anchor text will be in full accessible mode to all the renters. Hence, anyone who is interested in your flat will either call you on phone or text you on whatsapp without any interference by the website team.

4. If you make a video of your property by any device including your phone and send it to the website team by whatsapp, your video will be edited first and it will be uploaded on the You Tube channel and facebook page of Housing Bharat without any further charges.

On your video, all the important details that you want to share with the renters will be displayed through titles, subtitles and further in the description of video. No other real estate listings website in India offers so much to the listers.

5. Your promo photos will be created in which there will be your phone number and address and motive of your property and address. Further, the promo photos along with the original images of your flat will be posted on the Facebook page of Housing Bharat which will be shared further on entire social medias.

6. Your listing link url will be shared on twitter, linkedin Telegram groups, Pinterest and on Koo app.

If you think any other website offers more than this website, please mention in the comment.

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