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Independent House for Sale in Vinayak Nagar, Naini, Prayagraj

Updated: Aug 31, 2021


Mr. S. Shrivastava


Don't miss your great opportunity to buy your own Independent House for Sale in Vinayak Nagar, Naini, Allahabad near Ravi Salt Traders.

All the key features of this luxurious property have been explained below in the upcoming paragraph below.

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Now, let's have a bird's eye view of this House for Sale in Naini, Allahabad!

Salient Features and Amenities offered by this House for Sale in Naini, Allahabad

  • Construction area is around 3000sqft.

  • Ground floor : Parking, Two rooms with painting done false ceiling done, pooja room ,open kitchen, dining space.

  • Sumersable boring done.

  • Full electric works done.

  • Sanitary works done.

  • Also two bathrooms. One indian and one western.

  • First floor: Lobby, two rooms with attached western bathrooms , open kitchen and balcony.

  • Second floor : Big hall with external western bathroom and free space infront of that.

  • Above that is the terrace with 3 tanki of 1000L each.

  • Corner property.

  • Front is 40sqft. Depth is 22.5sqft.

  • Marble flooring from ground floor to terrace.

  • Parking is big enough for 1 car and 2 two-wheelers.


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