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Premium Commercial/Residential Plot for Sale in Sowripalayam, Coimbatore


CONTACT WHATSAPP +971 50 645 9769

Mr. Prem

Premium Residential/Commercial plot for SALE.


Sowripalayam, Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) INDIA

We recommend that you should drop a message on WhatsApp +971 50 645 9769 or by clicking anywhere on the line below to the owner!!


PSG Tech @ 2 km

PSG Hospital @ 1.5 km

LuLu Hyper Market @ 4 km

Main Airport & Railway station - equidistant @ 6 km

Proposed Monorail route on Avinashi Road will further enhance connectivity.

Plot size – 25 cents, ideal for midrise apartment complex


Property for sale: 25 cents PLOT

✧ Plot area: Sowripalayam, Coimbatore

✧ Use: ideal for mid-rise apartment, complex, hospital etc

✧ Address: 1st Cross, Thirumagal Nagar, Peelamedu Pudur, Coimbatore 641004

✧ Location of Plot: next plot to Joseph Hospital

✧ Location (Long & lat): 11°01'02.9"N 76°59'56.8"E

✧ Plus Code: 2X8X+XJQ Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

✧ Google Location pointer below:


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