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Single room for occupancy in a 3 BHK apartment at Vajras Jasmine Country, Hyderabad

There is a cool offer for getting a room that offers world class amenities and infrastructures at a 3 BHK apartment at Vajras Jasmine Country,Hyderabad Financial district,Telangana. Please contact Miss Shivani 9899107902.

Let's have a bird's eye view of the room!!


  1. Located at the posh locality of Vajras Jasmine Country Hyderabad.

  2. Wider space of 10*11 feet

  3. Well designed and well marvelled room

  4. Available at the meagre rent of only Rs 13000 with three months of the rental deposit.

  5. Offering western style amenities which you can see in the photos below

Let's have a look again at this luxurious room

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