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Independent Villa for Sale in 14, Dhalipara road, Haridevpur P.S. Kolkata


OWNER Mobile 8240134633

Mr. T. C. Chakroborty

DIMENSIONS: 2.5 kottah

Don't miss this great opportunity to buy this independent Bungalow/Villa in Dhalipara Road, Kolkata, West Bengal.

All the information and mind blowing features and amenities offered by this Bungalow/Villa for Sale in Dhalipara Road, Kolkata.

We recommend that you should drop a message on whatsapp by clicking anywhere on the line below to the owner Mr. T. C. Chakroborty!

Salient Features and Amenities offered by this Independent Villa for Sale in Dhalipara Road, Kolkata

  • It is an independent bunglow/villa,2 floors.

  • 2 covered parking.

  • 2 balconies.

  • 6 rooms

  • 4 bathrooms

  • 2 kitchens

  • 2 big terrace

  • 2 separate entry for both two floors.

  • The area of the property is a little bit more than 2.5 kottah.

  • Nearest landmark ST.Pauls church or Haridevpur police station

Opening Price:

It is only Rs 1.1 Crores ( negotiable).


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